Artistry and Fun Playing with Food: Central Coast Foodie Treasure Map [#1]

Introducing our latest podcast, the Central Coast Foodie Treasure Map, where we discover delicious food, drink, and sustainable stories from Santa Cruz to Ventura. This first episode features a Seaside musician, a Paso Robles chef, and a Salinas baker who are mindful of how to have fun with food.

Dinner and Dancing: Hanif Wondir, Musician


Hanif and little bro check out big bro’s raw oyster skills

Our first episode features the inaugural installment of Dinner and Dancing, where we talk with Central Coast musicians who love making and enjoying food as well as inspiring and facilitating the sensory experiences at events to eat, drink, dance, and laugh. Our first guest, Hanif Wondir, sat with us for an interview in a Seaside backyard under the busy skies of fire season in August 2015 (hard to avoid the airplane background noise!). This talented musician and artist has licensed us to use his tune “Boneyard Groove” as our podcast’s theme song. He’s also raising two adventurous foodies including his oldest son who now asks for his own raw oysters to slurp when they visit the Monterey wharf. This interview also fits with our Family Style podcast feature. Hanif won the coveted “Best Club DJ” category in the 2016 Monterey County Weekly “Best of” episode.
[from 1:54-17:20]

Foodie Field Trip: Chef Chris Kobayashi of Artisan Restaurant in Paso Robles

Chris and Shandi Kobayashi prep tasty bites surveyed by sharks at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Chris and Shandi Kobayashi prep tasty bites while surveyed by sharks at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

After our visit to Seaside in the Northern Central Coast, we head south to Paso Robles to meet with Chef Chris Kobayashi of Artisan Restaurant. Chris is happy to be a row crop laborer—his wife Shandi takes the lead with making their Templeton Artisan garden flourish—and together they strive to grow as many vegetables for their fine-dining kitchen as the bugs and climate will allow. Having themselves spent lots of energy to produce their summer and fall harvest, Chris and Shandi appreciate the effort of the farmers who grow the food ingredients they turn into edible artworks in both the Artisan kitchen and their downtown Templeton Kitchenette for breakfast, brunch, and lunch. We learn about how Artisan buys locally-grown products including SLO County-sourced quinoa for use on their steelhead trout salad menu item. Chef Chris also tells us about his work as a member of the Seafood Watch Blue Ribbon Task Force where chefs strategize how to promote lesser-consumed species such as those in the Groundfish family. More info: California Groundfish Collective
[from 17:20-42:00]

The Kobayashi brothers installing the Templeton garden
Not quite a farm but bigger than most gardens
Sturdy supports are ready for north county tomato time

Foodie Field Trip: Baker Adrian Jimenez-Saldana of Blue Aces Bake Shoppe in Salinas

BLAC_StorefrontPastriesOn Gabilan Street in downtown Salinas, baker Adrian Jimenez-Saldaña gives us a tour of the delicious items in the Blue Aces Bake Shoppe pastry case while explaining why they use organic ingredients in these special treats. We first heard about Blue Aces from our friends with the Salinas Underground Podcast and enjoyed some of these extremely flavorful pastries and cookies while recording our first marathon audio session with them in January 2016. Two thumbs up for this woman-owned business and her pastry super powers.

[from 42:00-end]


—music: “Boneyard Groove” by Hanif Wondir, used with permission

—slideshow photos: Artisan Restaurant 

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