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Exceptional, sustainable food & drink in California’s Central Coast

A Foodie Fundraiser for African Cocoa Farmers

Author on Apr 27, 2014 in Chocolate, Honey & Sweets, MAMA, Spice Blog, Sweets | 0 comments

While discussing Fair Trade labeling in 2012 with the late director and activist U. Roberto Romano following a screening of his...

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Africa for Foodies: X Marks the Spot, Show 1

Author on Apr 2, 2014 in Chocolate, Honey & Sweets, Featured, Spice Blog, Sweets, X Marks the Spot | 0 comments

X Marks the Spot with Central Coast Foodie, April 2, 2014 — Project Hope and Fairness for West African Cocoa Farmers ~ Featuring 1970s...

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The Vanishing of the Bees

Author on May 25, 2011 in Chocolate, Honey & Sweets, Food on Film, Spice Blog | 0 comments

The pages of my notebook stick together from the copious honey that oozed through a special dinner recently offered at Full of Life...

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David’s Blue Ribbon Honey

Author on Apr 4, 2011 in Chocolate, Honey & Sweets | 2 comments

Homegrown Orchard Honey from David Maislen Where to purchase David’s Blue Ribbon Honey? Crushed Grape, San Luis Obispo J J’s...

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Lenten Chocolates: Guilt Free!

Author on Mar 14, 2011 in Chocolate, Honey & Sweets, MAMA, Spice Blog | 0 comments

Are you a pleasure monger? I am. Guilt totally takes a back seat in our kitchen because we love butter, chocolate, ice cream, carbs, and...

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