Eat Your Politics Podcast

EYP_iTunesMelanie Blankenship of Nature’s Touch Nursery & Harvest and “Nature’s Neighbor” from Templeton, California, and Rachel Duchak of Central Coast Foodie from Los Osos, California, are political foodies who survey the dysfunctional US food system as well as the solutions provided by nature and our local communities. Welcome to our podcast: we will publish a new 40-60 minute episode every week on Sunday.


We started this podcast after discovering that the presidential candidates won’t ever talk about the US food system on the campaign trail. If they won’t talk about the important issues that affect everyone who eats, we will. In our first episode, we begin to consider the true cost of American food and the health and wellness imperative for Americans to shift toward a diet full of seasonal and chemical-free options. At the end of our first episode, we feature a short conversation with “USDA Organic” watchdog, Cornucopia Institute’s Mark Kastel, recorded in March 2016 in Ojai, California.

Check out our podcast archive and a growing collection of resources at We’re heartened by the immediate and supportive response to the launch of this important discussion. Our “Eat Your Politics” podcast is a one-take-wonder that sometimes features a word salad but is brimming with passion for a more fair and sustainable US food system. Thanks for listening!