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Biodynamic Gardening Report 39—Feb. 13-25, 2015

After we get the latest report for the coming week from farmer Ralph Johnson of Jrjohnson Biodynamic Farms, we highlight some favorite episodes from the first 10 months of this podcast. Personal favorite episodes for Central Coast Foodie include #5 where we first discuss the cow horn, #12 biodynamic wine tasting tips, #19 Autumnal Equinox recap from the Preparation 500 & 501, #22 where we learned about this farmer’s progress from using industrial ag chemicals to biodynamics, #31 toasting the BGR at Morro Rock, and #36 which features our interview with Elizabeth Candelario of Demeter about getting Ralph’s farm certified.



JRJO_logoHello from this hot (80°+) winter day on the Central Coast of California. The moon starts out this week still in Sagittarius, a barren day so no planting this Friday.

February 14-15 are Capricorn days as we near the new moon in the fourth quarter. It’s an earth sign which is dry and productive. These days are good for corn and beans where weather permits and also good for root crops.

Aquarius takes over on February 16-17. It’s an air sign being dry and barren. No planting: instead clean the garden and add compost. The week finishes off with the moon in Pisces, a water sign which is moist and productive. It’s the second best planting sign. During the new moon (Wednesday), a biodynamic approach permits planting of most crops.

—Ralph Johnson

Biodynamic gardening principles—some of the most ancient agricultural practices on the planet—require the farmer’s attention to moon phases and constellations to pursue the most effective gardening and farming practices on any given day in the month. San Luis Obispo County farmer Ralph Johnson of Jrjohnson Biodynamic Farms provides insight into how the moon’s phases affect gardening success.


—music: “Badfish” by Sublime

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