Field-dressed Gopher? Biodynamic Pest Control for Foodies

Biodynamic Gardening Report 53—May 22-28, 2015

JRJO_SaladMixSignWe’re experiencing a stretch of barren days this week in the biodynamic garden. While we don’t want to plant or transplant during this time, barren days can be well spent eradicating garden pests, weeding, and working ground. Sprinkling the ashes of a dead gopher’s pelt around the garden-yard-field has been reported to keep these destructive pests away from the tasty roots of edible plants for months. Sound weird? If it works, who cares? We will definitely report on our progress from “peppering” the yard with gopher ashes but we’re not promising to skin and field dress our own varmint, regardless of what Ralph says. !



The week begins with the moon being in Leo Friday through Sunday. It’s a fire sign which is dry and barren. No planting; just work ground and do general yard work.

The moon is in Virgo on Monday and Tuesday. It’s an earth sign which is moist but barren. Work ground and get rid of pests.

The moon will be in Libra on Wednesday and Thursday. It’s an air sign which is moist and semi fruitful. It’s a good time to plant fragrant flowers and herbs.

—Ralph Johnson

Biodynamic gardening principles—some of the most ancient agricultural practices on the planet—require the farmer’s attention to moon phases and constellations to pursue the most effective gardening and farming practices on any given day in the month. San Luis Obispo County farmer Ralph Johnson of Jrjohnson Biodynamic Farms provides insight into how the moon’s phases affect gardening success.


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