Biodynamic Garden Consulting at the Spice House

Biodynamic Gardening Report 43—March 13-19, 2015

And now for something slightly different, farmer Ralph Johnson visits the coastal Spice House in San Luis Obispo County to give us some feedback on our wanna-be biodynamic garden including recommended compost amendments, crop rotation advice, and advisable complementary (or not) plantings. For example, peas and beans really don’t like to grow near each other so the mindful gardener will have a plan for current and future rotations to keep plants happy and healthy.

milk thistle

milk thistle has incredible therapeutic properties for the liver



The moon begins this week in Sagittarius on Friday. It’s a fire sign which is dry and barren. No planting in this sign.

Saturday and Sunday the moon is in Capricorn. It’s an earth sign which is productive and dry. Great for root crops. Also good for applying compost and amendments.

On Monday and Tuesday, the moon is in Aquarius. It’s an air sign which is dry and barren. No planting; rather, work ground and destroy pests.

The week ends with the moon in Pisces. It is a water sign which is moist and very productive: a good time to plant leafy green plants.

—Ralph Johnson

Biodynamic gardening principles—some of the most ancient agricultural practices on the planet—require the farmer’s attention to moon phases and constellations to pursue the most effective gardening and farming practices on any given day in the month. San Luis Obispo County farmer Ralph Johnson of Jrjohnson Biodynamic Farms provides insight into how the moon’s phases affect gardening success.


—photo: Ralph Johnson

—music: “Badfish” by Sublime

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