Making Compost with Biodynamic Preps

Biodynamic Gardening Report 40—Feb. 20-26, 2015

CarrotsWe’ve got a bone to pick with old Francis Bacon, who is our stand-in for the type of empirical scientist brain that has serious difficulty embracing the unknowable forces at work in the practice of biodynamic agriculture. Just because the scientist can’t figure it out—”junk DNA,” anyone?—doesn’t mean that it’s not happening. It’s not mystical: it’s just cosmic. Even though some of these special preps sound weird, farmer Ralph plans to make test piles of compost with and without the preps so he can track the results. Metrics, baby.


JRJO_logoFriday and Saturday, the moon is in Aries. It’s a fire sign which is barren and dry. It’s okay to harvest root crops. This is a good time for cleaning out the garden and ridding your garden of pests.

On February 22 and 23—Sunday and Monday—the moon is in Taurus. It is an earth sign which is moist and productive. Since it is in the first quarter, it’s good for beans and other above-ground crops where weather permits.

The rest of the week, the moon is in Gemini. It’s an air sign which is barren and dry. Don’t plant on these days unless you want to see seeds rot.

—Ralph Johnson

Biodynamic gardening principles—some of the most ancient agricultural practices on the planet—require the farmer’s attention to moon phases and constellations to pursue the most effective gardening and farming practices on any given day in the month. San Luis Obispo County farmer Ralph Johnson of Jrjohnson Biodynamic Farms provides insight into how the moon’s phases affect gardening success.


—music: “Badfish” by Sublime

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