Rain for the Compost: Opening the Vortex

Biodynamic Gardening Report 41—Feb. 27-March 5, 2015

JRJO_CompostPileLayersAfter we discuss the report for the coming week and consider the Waldorf schools system (Rudolf Steiner inspired), farmer Ralph tells us about his unusual experience this past week as he prepared a large pile of compost-soil to receive the special biodynamic preparations he picked up at EcoFarm. After inserting the cured nettle, oak bark, dandelion, chamomile, yarrow, horsetail, and valerian into the layered pile, he realized the pile could use some moisture. As soon as he entertained this thought about adding moisture to the pile, it began to rain for 10 minutes. Per weather radar, the cloud was right over his field and nowhere else. Cosmic irrigation assistance in the midst of drought? Thanks for the help, Cosmos!


JRJO_logoWe begin the week with the moon in Cancer for the end of the month, February 27-28. Cancer is a water sign which is moist and fruitful. It’s still the second quarter which favors plants with fruit but—with Cancer being the best sign for planting—most crops will grow fine.

At the beginning of March, the moon is in Leo for the first three days. Leo is a fire sign which is dry and barren. Don’t plant: rather, work ground and clean the garden. We end the week with the moon in Virgo. It is an earth sign which is moist and barren. No planting again: destroy pests and weeds.

—Ralph Johnson

Biodynamic gardening principles—some of the most ancient agricultural practices on the planet—require the farmer’s attention to moon phases and constellations to pursue the most effective gardening and farming practices on any given day in the month. San Luis Obispo County farmer Ralph Johnson of Jrjohnson Biodynamic Farms provides insight into how the moon’s phases affect gardening success.


—photo: Ralph Johnson

—music: “Badfish” by Sublime

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