Espy a Route from the Skyview

After a satisfying dinner in Los Alamos where we might have eaten a bit too much (but it was so good!), we really enjoyed driving a few short minutes to our lodging rather than getting on the highway with full bellies for a sleepy hour back home. For many years, the bike-friendly Skyview Motel in Los Alamos provided convenient lodging for foodie cyclists who wanted to eat, ride, and wine taste locally. Returning home from a ride, tired cyclists celebrated as the motel comes into view perched on the highest hill.

With its countless painted surfaces—blue sky ceilings with clouds, old timey shutters that never clatter, cactus columns, sunsets, and other western iconography—the Skyview Motel invited you to look a little closer at everything. This exercise in seeing played with with the motel’s location on the high knoll above town that presents a good vantage on the valley: see far and look close.


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