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Exceptional, sustainable food & drink in California’s Central Coast

About Us

Who are we and what are we all about?


Central Coast Foodies

We promote sustainably-minded businesses that produce exceptional food and drink because we like good flavor near where we live and want these businesses to stay in business. Central Coast Foodie is an insider’s field guide—blog, podcasts, and index—to the most delicious, sustainable food and drink options in California’s Central Coast.

Explore this site for info on restaurants, farmers markets, wineries, cheese shops, craft beer, local olive oil, and other specialty food and drink producers & products from Santa Cruz to Ventura.

Our mission aligns with the missions of several sustainably-minded organizations in the Central Coast. Of particular note, we emulate Seafood WatchSIP Certified, and Slow Food. We aim to educate consumer-citizens about more sustainable food and drink options. Bike touring for foodies is our specialty.

Central Coast Foodie presents foodie insights that are 85% positive and 15% serious about current threats to a healthier and more equitable food system. We welcome like-minded sponsors and strategic partners to join our sustainable foodie network.

ccfoodie_unexploredflatMeet the Central Coast Foodies

Suppertime with Pirates

—  Select Contributors

What’s with the old map?

The map that provides the image for CCFoodie’s design was produced in 1848, a year before the Gold Rush. Many reference points are in Spanish or reflect Indian names. At one point, the word “Unexplored” curves across a blank of wilder lands to the east….

How does Central Coast Foodie make money? We identify and approach businesses and producers who demonstrate a commitment to sustainability that matches ours. Once we determine that a business/producer is a good fit for us after a value-alignment meeting, we decide together how to best promote each sponsor, whether with a video of a cooking demonstration or a meeting of winemakers and their favorite chefs or perhaps a written post in addition to promotion through the site’s indexes and maps, if applicable. We take the lead with telling the part of the story that interests and appeals to us; we check with each sponsor before publishing the piece. Sponsors support us while we create and publish original blog content and indexes that attract the new and expert foodie audiences we’re striving to attract. We serve as the point of connection between foodies and the foodie producers they are eager to discover. More about our sponsors If you’d like to sponsor Central Coast Foodie, please contact us.

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Sustainability Triangle

sustainability triangle: each point in balance

Sustainable Practices Badges

CCFoodie developed a badge system to help identify how sponsors incorporate sustainable practices into their business. A badge series appears with sponsor posts: those shaded in dark brown indicate the practices pursued by that producer. Central Coast Foodie sponsors promote one, some, or all of the following:





Reduce, Reuse
and Recycle

Criteria for Badges

Promotes Organics Badge organics

  • Incorporate organic ingredients and/or produce organic products
  • Certified Organic producers will be identified but we recognize that many farmers cultivate organic fields without the certification: it’s all good

Composting Badge

  • Reduce the waste stream, especially for food businesses
  • Create healthy compost for gardening

Promotes Bicycling Badge bicycling

  • Provide bike racks for patrons and staff in a well-lighted, well-trafficked area for increased security of bags and bikes
  • Encourage employees to bicycle
  • Support Bicycle Coalition events especially Bike Month to promote bikes as an important feature of a healthy lifestyle

Uses Local Ingredients Badge local

  • Source ingredients locally
  • Cultivate ingredients and produce in an on-site garden
  • Help promote fellow foodie producers, many of which are family businesses

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Badge recycle

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

Free Schwag

In an effort to puzzle out the best tools for a great kitchen on a writer’s earnings, sometimes we’ve requested a sample of a particular well-reviewed item such as a garlic press recommended by America’s Test Kitchen. We’ve requested book titles that we’d like to review and have enjoyed receiving them and keeping them as useful tools for our kitchen and garden. We share our reviews with the publisher and author so that they will further disseminate our positive, interesting reviews to like-minded audiences via their own networks. Much like promoting those businesses we want to stay in business—those who produce exceptional food and drink—we enjoy promoting books and other ventures by talented folks in the food industry who bring sincerity and zing to the conversation. Because we would not be able to afford ticket prices to the wide range of foodie events we attend, we’re grateful for the media passes we receive to attend events. We work in partnership with event producers to help spread the word about the best festivals, parties, and celebrations throughout the Central Coast. Sometimes we are approached by a business or organization that would like to access our audience through, say, a giveaway, a calendar mention, or a Facebook mention. If we determine that these relationships benefit our Central Coast Foodie readership, we’ll share it.


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Core Values of Central Coast Foodie

Our Core Values