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We hope to connect with activist citizen foodies who agree that we need to engage more with the democratic process and take an interest in our food system including farmer realities, labeling programs, and other issues related to promoting a more robust and productive food system for all. Indulge your curiosity about the food you’re eating: how was it produced?

“Choose prosperity over growth”

PHF_logoIn March 2012, we conducted a short interview with U Roberto Romano (1956-2013), the director of The Dark Side of Chocolate and The Harvest/La Cosecha after his presentation at the Edible Institute 2012 in Santa Barbara. In this clip, he discusses our “very distorted food system” and encourages the development of food literacy among Americans and engagement as activist citizens. He also makes a full-throated endorsement of the quality of genuine fair trade pursued by Project Hope and Fairness, a San Luis Obispo-based non-profit founded by a local chocolatier. Project Hope and Fairness works to improve the economic sustainability of West African cocoa farmers.

Click speaker icon on left to play U Roberto Romano interview clip [< 6 minutes]

Santa Barbara, March 2012

What Flavor of Food Justice Advocacy Do You Prefer?

We’re not trying to be elitists or profligates by choosing organic and homegrown over conventional: we just don’t want to eat contaminated food that can harm the people who harvest it and their families who grow up in a cloud of pesticides.

We vote with our dollars when buying humanely produced, locally-sourced food products that employ organic management practices as much as possible.

As Robin Romano urges, getting everyone involved as a stakeholder in today’s out of balance food system can help to promote a more equitable food system in our country. Taking action on any of these issues can help raise your voice and register your opinion in the minds of legislators and administrators.

Foodies can make a difference: we must speak up and change our world.

Avoid GMO$


Enhance Food Security


Protect Pollinators & Promote Urban Farming


Eat Sustainable Seafood


Strive for Zero Waste


Improve the Food System


Support Social Justice for Farm Workers


Support Ocean Health


Protect California’s Landscape