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Exceptional, sustainable food & drink in California’s Central Coast

Favorite BGReport Episodes?

Author in Biodynamic Gardening, Spice Blog

Biodynamic Gardening Report 39—Feb. 13, 2015 After we get the latest report for the coming week from farmer Ralph Johnson of Jrjohnson...

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What is Demeter Biodynamic Certification?

Author in Biodynamic Gardening, Protect Pollinators & Promote Urban Farming, Spice Blog

Biodynamic Gardening Report 36—Jan. 23-29, 2015 Farmer Ralph Johnson and I sported MEDIA badges at this year’s EcoFarm,...

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Biodynamic Sessions at EcoFarm 2015

Author in Biodynamic Gardening, Eat Your Garden, Spice Blog

Biodynamic Gardening Report 35—Jan. 16-22, 2015 In this episode, farmer Ralph Johnson wields one of his most useful tools for the garden...

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Finding Fig: Delicious Craft Beer

Author in Intoxicating Beverages, Spice Blog, X Marks the Spot

There’s no better way to celebrate the conclusion of a bike ride up and over Figueroa Mountain—a steep road rideable peak in the...

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Mountain Lions and Community Radio

Author in Spice Blog, X Marks the Spot

After almost nine months of delivering “X Marks the Spot with Central Coast Foodie,” a weekly live radio show on the new...

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