Amazing Foodie Tour

Stay tuned: we’re planning an “Amazing Foodie Tour.” My best girlfriend has always wanted for us to do The Amazing Race “reality” show because she believed we’d make a really effective team. I’m sure she’s right, but an “Amazing Tour” of Central Coast foodie options sounds more my style.

Yay! 158 miles, 1 day

We’ve ridden many miles together on bikes such as the Hilly Hundred in southern Indiana (once on mountain bikes with nubby tires: gagh!) and the Ride Across Indiana (Terre Haute to Richmond) but we’ve yet to ride together in California. We’ve been there for each other when we’ve individually bonked and simply run out of energy during some particularly strenuous events. I think we’re ready for another big adventure soon.

If you’re on The Amazing Race, you might not have time to savor the sensory experience of a place especially the food, the views, the smells, and the light at different times of day. When you’re covering distance on your bike, every minute of the day ticks by with deliberation. Why would any rider want to fuel themselves with tasteless fuel in a such a situation? During the Amazing Foodie Tour, we’ll discover exceptional food and drink to match the beauty of the Central Coast landscape.

on bikes?

Evelyn and I are both good cooks who enjoy fantastic food and drink as much as a fun bike ride, so here’s the plan:

  • Explore the best restaurants, bakeries, delis, and markets along the best bike routes through the Central Coast
  • Note whether a venue offers adequate bike racks, outdoor seating, and other amenities that make the experience more pleasant for cyclists.
  • Identify the quality food and drink that does justice to its environment: the amazing landscape where the land meets the sea along Highway 1.

Do you have any suggestions about where we should stop along the way from Santa Cruz to Ventura? Let us know.

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