Natural Meats, Northern Central Coast

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Southern Central Coast natural meats

Douglas Ranch
"...In the Panoche Valley of Central California, Douglas Ranch raises Angus Beef cattle, White Dorper meat sheep, and several varieties of pigs on large natural pastures. The Douglas family is committed to sustainable agriculture. Our managed grazing practices assure that the land is naturally fertilized and native grasses thrive. The animals are continually rotated on the pastures in step with nature's way. No chemicals, manufactured fertilizers or any unnatural amendments to the land are used. Animals are not treated with hormones, antibiotics or chemical medications. The meat is processed and USDA inspected by a small certified organic processing plant. The animals have minimal handling and humane treatment..."
Fiesta Farm
"We are a small farm located near Watsonville, California, committed to true pasture-based and organic principles in everything we do.  In 2012 we offered pasture-raised broiler chickens, eggs, and turkeys to our farmers market customers and CSA members.  2013 meat offerings will include rabbit, goat, and pork."
Hain Ranch Organics
Tres Pinos
poultry"...We strive to care for our trees, land, and animals in a sustainable and stress free fashion. We believe in having your food produced as locally as possible and in eating with the seasons. We choose to limit our distribution to a local (100 miles) market to promote local food sheds, and limit excessive transportation impacts. Hain Ranch Organics' goal is to produce the healthiest food, grown in a sustainable manner, and foster stronger local community dynamics..."
LeftCoast Grassfed
beef"...At TomKat Ranch, we’re dedicated to the health and preservation of our land and our community. Originally, our cattle have primarily functioned as a conservation tool. Using solar powered electric fences, the land is monitored carefully using rotational grazing practices to avoid any overgrazing. By following these practices, we have brought back native grasses, helped reduce erosion and decrease our carbon footprint..."
Morris Grassfed Beef
San Juan Bautista

"...We are happy to continue offering fine beef to our family and friends, while working to produce a biologically rich and beautiful landscape, living soils and clean water on the ranches we manage. Our cattle benefit from low-stress Vaquero skills, a completely organic diet of fresh grass, legumes and water, and world-class views of the Central California rangelands we call home. We do not use any synthetic hormones or feed antibiotics. We are third-party certified by the American Grassfed Association. Morris Grassfed Beef is food you will enjoy and can trust, produced with the utmost care your family deserves..."
Paicines Ranch
"...We are proud to offer free range 100% grass-fed beef and lamb raised in central California. All of our grass fed beef animals have spent their entire lives grazing on the rolling hills of the Paicines Ranch. They are free range animals, never confined in a feedlot. We do not use growth hormones or routinely fed antibiotics. Our pastures are certified organic, and are never sprayed with herbicides or pesticides. We are extremely proud of the quality of our beef and the sustainable way in which it is produced. Grass finishing beef is better for the animal, better for the planet, and better for you..."
PL Bar Ranch
V6 Ranch
beef"...Many have known for years the health benefits of Parkfield life for people. Its beauty, wide open space and clean air have sent V6 Ranch Guests home refreshed, rejuvenated and restored. It turns out Parkfield is also ideal for raising cattle. The semi-arid climate raises grasses high in nutrients that, combined with the irrigated pastures on the V6 Ranch, create healthy, tender and tasty grass-fed beef. With this in mind, why send cattle to feedlots where many of the natural health benefits of beef are lost when cattle are finished on corn? Our grass-fed cattle live out their lives at the V6 Ranch on green pastures where they are not only happy cows but healthy cows too..."