Natural Meats, Southern Central Coast

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Carpenter Squab Ranch
squab"...Carpenter squab ranch was founded in 1921 in La Canada and has been providing squab to many of the high end restaurants and Chinese markets in the Los Angeles area ever since. Known for its consistently high quality product it is one of the first and largest commercial squab ranches in the country.

In 1966 3rd generation rancher Gary Carpenter moved operations to the Ojai area where he carries on the tradition of raising and processing hormone free birds in a healthy and humane environment. All squabs are fed a specifically formulated diet of natural high proteins and whole grains. Processed on site and inspected under the State of California Bureau of Meats, they are then packaged and shipped nationwide..."
Healthy Family Farms
Santa Paula
"...Sharon Ann Palmer started Healthy Family Farms [some] years ago, following a visit to a conventional poultry processing facility. Her initial inspiration was to raise healthy food for her five children, but her vision grew over time. Now she raises several varieties of animals, many of them heritage breeds, and sells meat, poultry and eggs at several farmer's markets in Southern California..."
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Jimenez Family Farm
Santa Ynez
"...Jimenez Family Farm is a small scale family farm located in the Santa Ynez Valley. Utilizing 'beyond organic' and sustainable farming practices, we provide fresh, healthy, and delicious food to the local communities. Our family is passionate about providing food that is produced with integrity that our customers can feel good about serving to their families. We are dedicated to preserving the small family farm and providing a wide array of locally produced foods..."
Rancho San Julian Beef
"...Our beef is:
- Born and raised on Rancho San Julian in Santa Barbara County, California
- Raised humanely and grazed on a rotational system
- Bred by registered Angus bulls
- Never given any antibiotics or hormones
- Finished on a completely vegetarian diet of regionally grown hay and dry farmed barley—NEVER ANY CORN (100% Grass-Fed available by Special Order)
- Harvested on our ranch in the first USDA approved Mobil Harvest Unit in California
- Dry-aged for tenderness
- Traceable—we know the history of each of our animals..."
DeyDey's Best Beef Ever

"...The central focus of our beef program is to raise the best tasting beef possible and do it consistently. We start with the land, our ranch. What a delightful place on earth to be. We have excellent soil, a good growing season, great weather, and lots of water provided by our deep agricultural well. We are also very proud that we are fully complient with the National Organic Program practices. On that land we put the best cattle that our search led us to that finish well on grass and are gentle and easy to handle. Not only do we put cattle on our grass, we mimic nature by adding chickens to follow the cows. The chickens spread the cow manure (as birds did following the large buffalo herds), eat the fly larva and other bugs in the soil, and provide us with high nitrogen fertilizer for the grass, helping it to grow. Finally we add discipline in the form of a quality program that provides consistency and sustainable farm practices that insures the future of our enterprise and of our mother earth. Check out our Quality Program and our Environmentally Sustainable Grass Farming practices. These practices insure that we improve our soil and our environment over time and leave it in a better condition than when we found it..."
Watkins Cattle Company
Oak View
beef"...All cattle are fed naturally through the pastureland. At no time are they ever treated with antibiotics, given hormones or administered steroids for growth. If an animal is deemed ill or in need of medical attention, it is isolated from the herd. At no time is corn or grain used to induce weight or bulk. The finishing process is strictly pastured. Organic hay (grown by the Watkins) is administered only during the wet rainy season when pastureland is too green to be a significant source of nutrients alone..."
Zaca Ranch Cattle Company
Los Olivos
beef"Alexander and Dionne Fleming personally oversee the entire cattle operation often from conception to slaughter. The cattle primarily feed on native grasses and wild oats which are plentiful on the ranch and oat hay during the late summer and early winter. No fertilizers or chemicals are used for enhanced growth of this feed. Additionally, throughout the course of their lives, no hormones are given to the cattle. On Zaca Ranch, we run a herd of Black Angus cows and bulls. The cattle comprise our cow calf operation, and we are in constant contact with the bovine. Weighing in around 1200 pounds, the steers are used to produce fantastic tasting marbled beef. All of the beef is processed, packaged and labeled at a USDA approved facility and is under the watchful eye of the inspector to ensure that our customers are receiving the best quality beef. Our steaks, roasts, and specialty cuts have proven to be extremely popular amongst the discerning chefs and food experts throughout the country...."