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Southern Central Coast natural meats

Adelaida Springs Ranch
Paso Robles
beef"...Adelaida Springs Ranch cattle are purebred Angus or crossbred with at least 75% Angus blood. We raise our cattle entirely on our home ranch pasture grass with a little supplementary hay and minerals in the fall. We never feed our animals any grain. Our cattle are all at least 50% New Zealand genetics, where they have been breeding grass-fed cattle for over 100 years. Our bulls are imported and bred locally at Fair Oaks Ranch on Adelaida Road in Paso Robles. These cattle are descended from prestigious Turihaua Angus in New Zealand, Australasia's oldest breeder..."
B & B Country Chicken
poultry"Locally grown, Templeton raised, all natural, nothing added."
Babe's Birds
poultry, eggs, baby chicks"At Babe’s Birds, we strive to raise our chickens and turkeys the way nature intended. They are given conditions as close as we can create to their natural habitat. Our birds range freely on open pasture that has not been treated with pesticides or chemical fertilizers. They feed on plants, insects, and other small animals that they are designed to eat. We supplement their feed with all organically grown grains and we never use antibiotics or medications. All of our birds are processed right here where they are grown. We never have to transport them, which would cause them stress and reduce the quality of the meat.
We sell chicken and turkey meat, eggs, chicks and poults. We also offer limited processing services."
Bear Creek Ranch
Los Osos

"...Bear Creek Ranch is a diverse CCOF certified organic farm and ranch operation. We have a small herd of Angus/Longhorn cross cattle alongside our subtropical fruits (Swift Subtropicals) and various seasonal vegetables. Our beef is 100% grass fed. We have begun to practice planned/rotational grazing—the mimicking of wild herds—to heal our hillsides, build topsoil, sequester carbon, retain water, prevent erosion, and facilitate the rehabilitation of perennial grasses. We view the cows not only as beef but also as key players in the effort to mindfully steward our landscape..."
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BeeWench Farm
poultry"...BeeWench Farm is the only Certified Naturally Grown CSA in San Luis Obispo County. On 10 beautiful acres in Shandon, they grow row crops and raise pastured chicken, dairy goats and hens for eggs. The farm sells its harvest at 5 local farmers markets, on the farm and via the Community Supported Agriculture model. Their pastured chicken is also featured on the menu at local restaurants specializing in fresh, organically grown food...."
Charter Oak Style Meats
"...Angus Beef is what we raise and sell. Beautifully marbled, it is superior in taste and consistently tender. The way we raise the beef is all-natural. There are never any antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, or animal by products used in growing this beef. They live a natural Bovine life out in the pasture. As they mature they get to eat an extra dessert of rolled barley. Our lamb is grass fed all natural. Just like our beef, never are any artificial substances used in their production. They live a natural Ovine life out in their pastures. Our pork is all natural, too, with never any growth hormones or antibiotics used..."
Dana's Heritage Hens
Santa Margarita
baby chicks
"Bringing back the classic Chanticleer chicken"
Fair Oaks Ranch
Paso Robles
beef"...Our practice of raising grass-fed cattle supports both financial and ecological sustainability. Healthy, wholesome ranch raised beef that will efficiently convert grasslands to healthy affordable meat is one of the keys to sustainable & profitable ranching..."
Hearst Ranch
San Simeon
beef"...Hearst Ranch cattle graze freely over the 150,000 acres that make up our two ranches. They’re not only grass-fed, they’re finished on grass at the ranches, meaning that in the months before harvest they continue grazing outdoors to fatten up on spring grasses. This high-quality natural forage and the freedom of the cattle to roam are the keys to producing our healthful beef. The animals seek out the richest and most suitable feed for their growth stage, instinctively customizing their diets to their body’s needs. By following a natural breeding cycle the animals mature in the spring when forage is bursting with new growth, seeds and nutrients. Those nutrients end up in the meat and result in a healthy and delicious product..."
Johansing Farms
San Miguel
beef"...At Johansing Farms, our mission is to provide a delicious grass fed beef product for our customers while continuing our commitment to responsible livestock handling and sustainable ranching techniques. We believe that stress-free animals yield a higher quality of meat, and we strive to maintain the utmost standard of care and respect in the treatment of our cattle..."
Mary's Chickens
San Joaquin Valley
poultry"...Mary’s Free Range Chickens is proud to be family owned and operated since 1954. Mary's son, David Pitman, is a third-generation Pitman farmer that leads the company today. David and his brothers have been taught by their father Rick, who learned from his father Don, about the importance of animal husbandry and our responsibility to protect the welfare of animals. [He's also a Cal Poly grad.] Learn more about your 5-Step Farmer that is making a difference, David Pitman..."
Missing Jack Ranch
Santa Margarita

Animal Welfare Approved
"...We raise all Natural Australian Angus and Angus cross cattle on our Central Coast California Pine Canyon Ranch off Highway 166 East of Santa Maria. We strive on keeping our cattle happy and stress free. We never use hormones or antibiotics on our cattle. They are finished out in a calm natural environment. They are always handled with the best care and are never shipped anywhere. Our cattle live out their full life right on our ranch so our cows are happy California cows..."
Nick Ranch Gourmet Beef
Santa Margarita
beef"...Health & Safety Benefits of Grass Fed Beef
- Lower in Fat & Calories—Switching to grass fed beef from conventional feedlot beef can save you 17,733 calories per year-without requiring any willpower or change in your eating habits.
- Higher in Omega 3s
- Higher in Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA
- Higher in Vitamin A
- Higher in Vitamin E
- No Antibiotics are Used—Cattle were not meant to eat a diet of grain; therefore they are given antibiotics in the feedlots to treat 'subacute acidosis.' After eating this type of meat for a period of time, your body becomes resistant to the bacteria that these medications were meant to treat.
- No Growth Hormones or Steroids Used
- Never Fed Animal By-Products—According to some studies, it has been shown that some conventional producers have done many things to further cut costs of feeding out cattle. Some producers have fed what is called 'by-product feedstuff' such as restaurant garbage, stale bread, poultry feathers, and snack foods. According to Jo Robinson of Eat Wild it seems until 1997, U.S. cattle were also being fed meat that had been trimmed from other cattle, in effect turning 'herbivores into carnivores.' This unnatural practice is believed to be the underlying cause of BSE or 'mad cow' disease. We feed grass, plain and simple, just the way nature intended..."
PC Cattle Co.
San Luis Obispo
"Our British white steers, noted for lean tender meat, are born and raised in San Luis Obispo and are not given antibiotics or hormones."

Pete PC Cattle Co. beef, pork, and lamb are available at the San Luis Obispo Saturday Farmers Market.
Rinconada Dairy
Santa Margarita
poultryRinconada Dairy offers natural poultry in addition to their primary business of cheesemaking. "Our cheese making evolved from 25 years of organic gardening, animal husbandry, working with nature and a passion for producing healthful and delicious food. Every step in the process of breeding, lambing, feeding, milking, cheese making and affinage is hands on."
Templeton Hills Beef
beef"Templeton Hills Beef offers a healthier alternative for people concerned about the quality and origin of the food they put in their bodies. Our cattle are raised from birth and graze on the interior valleys of California's Central Coast in and around the commmunity of Templeton. We offer Black Angus cattle room to roam on many open acres of grassland. We know where our animals have been every day of their lives. They are never given antibiotics or hormones and never see a feedlot. Our hands-on management involve careful monitoring of our herd and its grazing practice to make sure both pasture and animals benefit. We have a connection with our cattle and our land, and take great pride in the stewardship of both."
Templeton Hills Beef