The Fun Factor

My bikes and I live in SLO and we just have a great time together. In the seven years I’ve lived here, we’ve explored and experienced a good portion of the Central Coast by two wheels.

  • With Veloce, my flashy red Bianchi roadster, we’ve cruised byways like Peachy Canyon and Nipomo Mesa, raced scenic courses such as Foxen Canyon and Vandenburg, and toured Highway 1 from the Golden Gate to San Diego.
  • My super-fab Superlight—it’s sparkly!—makes it easier to roll over the rocks that seed our SLO County trails.
  • P-bone, my townie bike (a repurposed Cannondale hardtail), invites me to do my local errands by bike and leave the car at home.

Before P-bone, I also spent time with Daisy Higgins, a vintage JC Higgins cruiser that I checked out for a few years from the bike lending library of the guy who started SLO’s Bike Happening. Bikes don’t have to be pricey to be fun.

Wahoo! (photo: R. Battles)

riding the Pacific Coast Highway 1 in Southern California

With Veloce, I won $10 for leading a criterium prize lap

With my Santa Cruz Superlight, Mr. Spice, and Pablo at the top of Alpine in Oakridge, Oregon

townie bike Daisy Higgins

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