California Rare Fruit Growers (CRFG)

[box type=”shadow”]The California Rare Fruit Growers (CRFG) promotes the environmentally-sound culture of any and all edible plants in the home landscape by encouraging and helping to facilitate public and scientific research, education, and preservation of plants worldwide that have edible seeds, fruit, leaves, stems or roots. The CRFG mission is to share knowledge acquired from these activities with home growers in particular and with anyone else in the world having an interest in edible plant cultivation.[/box]

Joe Sabol speaks at a well attended meeting at a home in Garden Farms: don't forget to bring your own chair

Joe Sabol speaks at a well attended meeting at a Garden Farms home—don’t forget to bring your own chair


We enjoy our membership in the Central Coast chapter of the CRFG because the meetings offer a chance to learn great information and strategies for successfully cultivating all varieties of fruit in local home gardens. From fruit science professors to retired commercial fruit growers to all the passionate home orchardists that collectively attend and host these meetings, the CRFG experience is rich for fruit-loving foodies like us. Our yard features a sour lemon tree and a vigorous apricot as well as various citrus and avocado trees in half-wine barrels so we’re always on the search for info about how to get the most from our home trees.

Major meetings
  • January: pruning
  • February: scion exchange
  • September: Festival of Fruit
  • December: holiday plant sale

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