META: Spice House Rules

Hi everyone. We’ve been busy moving into our new home—the Spice house—and getting this new character ready for prime time on the Spice blog, especially the impending kitchen. We’re a few days and weeks away from having a creative cooking space but it won’t be long.

Welcome home!

The first rule of the Spice house: discover and harvest volunteer produce from the yard. Here’s Mr. Spice digging in some old planter boxes for what turned out to be three pounds of creamy baby potatoes. We’ve brought our fruit trees—Mandarin orange, Bearss lime and Haas avocado—and Sharp Blue blueberries to our new yard and look forward to getting some plants and trees into the sandier soil than our last veggie plot near our apartment’s parking lot. Edible plants: be fruitful and multiply!

Another Spice house rule: sharpen and arrange your kitchen and garden tools for growing and cooking. Especially if we can start to make our new kitchen garden more productive than our apartment container-parking lot garden, we’ll be growing with an eye for preserving food stuffs that we love to eat—ratatouille!—and that make cooking more creative and fun. Since we leave the vinegar making to the experts and we’re almost out of our last Chaparral Gardens vinegars, we’ll stock up with an array next time we visit their farmers market stand or their website. We’re making plans for eating well and entertaining more in our new home.

Mr. Spice harvesting potatoes

The Spice House Rules!

My biggest challenge has been reestablishing an efficient office space in the aftermath of a whirlwind move but we’re almost there. Stay tuned for our responsive web design overhaul of the site. We’re also working toward the release of our first CCFoodie app that will streamline our annotated index of the best of Central Coast food and drink, highlight our sponsors, and make discovering exceptional foodie finds even more fun.

Me and our friend McQuig at the homestead

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