Wow: Presqu’ile’s New Winery and Tasting Room

On a recent trip through Santa Maria, I stopped at Presqu’ile Winery‘s new location on the south side of the Santa Maria Valley. As an art lover passionate about wine, landscape, and beauty, I am truly grateful for every last effective design touch and meaningful artwork, window, and curve both in and outside of this incredible new space. Beautiful.


Thank you, Presqu’ile, for bringing to life within one hour of my house an amazing new space in which to enjoy your wonderful wines and our lovely Central Coast. I particularly appreciate the thoughtfulness put into the personal gallery displaying the pre- and post-Katrina images of your family’s beloved vacation home. Thanks for sharing this story which is so much a part of what you’re trying to build through each bottle of wine created and with each one shared. Connection.

SIP_ad_smWe look forward to the delicious parties that will soon fill your beautiful winery. Suddenly, a new destination.

And the icing on the cake? Your SIP Certification that promotes sustainable vineyard and winery practices. Outstanding!

approaching the winery in vineyards
entrance to the tasting room
stone entrance
tasting bar and cave
winery memories
winery memories
wine cave
members lounge
members lounge
exit to patio
windbreak patio
view north
view west
crawfish fiesta

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