Savoring the Central Coast

When Sunset magazine hosts an event, you can be sure it won’t be your average fine food and drink event. We have so many food and drink events to choose from throughout the year that take place from Santa Cruz to Ventura, it might be tempting for Central Coast foodies to get a little complacent. I know I felt this way last year with Sunset‘s inaugural SAVOR the Central Coast—”I’ve already tasted the wines from many of the wineries they’ll be featuring and some of the food,” I told myself, justifying my decision to take a pass on this weekend.

Well, I’m not going to miss it this year. Last year’s ambitious, wide-ranging event was such a success in the eyes of Sunset editors and staff that they are coming back right away for more and more. In a recent KCBX interview with Editor in Chief Katie Tamony, she emphasized how very taken Sunset is with our beautiful, flavorful, and intoxicating Central Coast. The synergy that we love about living in the Central Coast—good food, lots of sunshine, excellent drink, dramatic landscape, peaceful living, and countless neighbors who appreciate these same elements—aligns with Sunset‘s aspiration to celebrate the many ways to live well in the west. Now they know we’ve got it all. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate this flavorful convergence of Central Coast producers in our most scenic setting?

We’re looking forward to a raft of great seminars on Saturday including Sustainable Seafood with Chef Cindy Pawlcyn, Paso Robles Crazy Blends, Cool-Climate Syrah: Taste the Difference, and Cooking and Pairing with Local Beers. We also plan to check out the gardening demonstrations that take place all day including “Small Space, Maximum Yield” and “Gardening and Cooking, From Seed to Skillet.” On Sunday morning, I’ll be helping out at the “From Farmers Market to Meal Demonstration Stage” and look forward to meeting the Sunset editors who focus, as we do, on living well, getting out, and pursuing flavor. Sunday afternoon seminars we’ll attend are Paso Robles: Distinct. Different and The Art of the Oyster. Hopefully we can still get into the Riedel Wine Glass Seminar—Chef Nanette said that this event was just mind blowing from a wine appreciation perspective.

Many more “SOLD OUT” icons appear next to items in the SAVOR the Central Coast schedule so, if you’re thinking of attending some events this weekend, you might want to shake a leg. See you there…

More info: Savor the Central Coast

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