Love and Sweetness

A rainy day crumble from Sally Loo’s, our local coffee house.

When Jen and Brandon Manuele created this fresh vibe with their opening (and re-opening, after the retrofit) of this local special place, they seriously enhanced the neighborhood. We’re partial to their fantastic scones, locally-sourced produce, multi-layered approach to sustainability, and friendly staff. “Our local farmers,” smiles Jen, “that’s who our heart’s for.” With their support of local producers and their overall positive and productive business model, they’ve helped create an “instant community” of people who choose to rev up and wind down in this space.

These folks definitely walk the walk, including trying to get a parking space’s worth of premium bike parking. Now, all they need are more tables. Maybe more spots outside or in the parklette across the street?

crumb yum

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