Wishing Every Day was Earth Day

If every day was Earth Day, a friendly Boy Scout would be on hand to provide assistance when choosing the proper bins for recycling, composting, and trash. Every day-Earth Day means that 1,000 people could enjoy a tasty event and only produce a couple pounds of trash. If it was always Earth Day, I could loll about on the grass under a monster oak tree while listening to Still Time, my belly full of treats and my head infused with wine. If we had only one day a year to celebrate all the positive efforts of local food and drink producers as well as composting and solar energy companies, you can’t go wrong if it looks much like the 2011 Earth Day Food and Wine Festival.

veggie bouquet

A celebration of sustainability and fundraiser for the Central Coast Vineyard Team, the Earth Day Food and Wine Festival tried out a great new venue this year, the lovely Pomar Junction Vineyard & Winery on the outskirts of Paso Robles. This year’s event took place on a knoll above the vineyards and featured interesting vendors, music, and auction items around every corner. Newest technology solar panels shared the stage with older technology rail cars in an interesting moment of looking back to railroad nostalgia while looking forward to a future freer from fossil fuels. [View a slideshow below.]

The CCVT does a great job of inspiring synergy. Everyone had a groovy time this year, especially CCVT executive director Kris O’Connor, who rumor has it is a bit of an eco-geek. Commenting on an image of a slew of used compostable cups, Kris writes, “I’m a little weird… but that is a beautiful sight!” As someone who was thrilled with my first real composter more than 10 years ago, I can totally relate to her enthusiasm. CCVT has a clear vision for bringing together a good collection of advocates to this event, especially the Boy Scouts who kept the trash volume super low this year.

Still Time

The dedication of the CCVT team, the Boy Scouts, Pomar Junction, and all the vendors to producing a low impact, delightful afternoon left me wishing that this care and attentiveness could happen every day. Favorite moments: tasting a range of flavors with The Joycup Co.’s peanut butter cups, saying hello to friends from Pier 46 and Chaparral Gardens Artisan Vinegars, listening to this great band, and meeting several producers who were new to me. Tegan and I divided to conquer this event and it was fun to meet up with her throughout the afternoon to compare notes and tastes. Her newbie report is on the way. Vote with your fork, explore with your palate, and see you next year.

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Pomar Junction, host
veggie bouquet
Joycups from Cayucos
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Still Time
Still Time
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